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Our Philosophy

Our core passion, fuelled further by being a partner of Qatar Foundation, is to support Qatar in its pursuit of becoming a leader in the various sectors it looks to, fulfilling the Father Emir, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani’s vision. Where some construct buildings, we see the opportunity to create homes. We provide facilities and amenities that support and empower communities to thrive. Our consultancy services are an investment, a chance to give back and develop Qatar.

We don’t just provide jobs; we invest in, train and develop our employees, through elevating our national human capital to globally coveted talents. We utilize our best-in-class commercial mindset to enhance the value of the assets we manage.

Our key principal is to look beyond the present and foresee the potential in opportunities of all the entities we work with. That is why we are so much more than a real estate company. We embrace change. We welcome progress. We believe in delivering an experience that will enrich the lives of all we touch.

    We create HOMES, not apartments
    We deliver EXPERIENCES, not hotels
    We inspire PASSION, not offices
    We host HAPPENINGS, not venues

As guardians, and with great responsibility, we stand by you, by our community and for Qatar. Through our unswerving dedication of time, effort and talent, we commit to fortify our great nation and deliver prosperity for generations to come.

Our Commitment

We are the ones that initiate, boost and guide change, progress and expansion. We don't just set the ball rolling, but make sure we follow the process from inception to conclusion and even further.

We do not stop there, since the development is by nature a never ending process, that's why we tap into infrastructure, service range, business operations, people skills, knowledge, country's socio-economic growth and the environment we live in.


With a continuous 360-degree view on all aspects of our business, we strive to excel the Real estate sector through
     • Innovative integrated assets management principles and practices
     • Applying the state of the art operational expertise
     • Utilizing best-in-class commercial mindset to enhance the values of assets and services
     • Innovating and expanding our resources
     • Elevating national capabilities to global standards
     • Driving business knowledge transfer from global to local


We strive to partake in the country's evolution through supporting and developing assets, resources and the community at large.


AMLAK is led by a senior management team whose expertise ensures excellence is delivered each time, every time. Our Board of Directors is committed to developing our employees to drive growth and development.

Rashid Nasser Al Kaabi.webp

Rashid Nasser Al Kaabi


Abeer Al Khalifa


Sheikh Salman Al Thani.webp

Sheikh Salman Al Thani


Ali Mohammed Al-Kuwari.jpg

Ali Mohammed Al Kuwari


Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdulla Al Thani.jpg

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdulla Al Thani


Our Presence
Our offices are located at

Qatar National Convention Centre


T: +974 4470 7400

PO BOX 8397 Doha, Qatar


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